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Facebook Scam Text Message Seems Real But Is Fake

if you haven’t gotten it, then you are one of the few. If you do get it – please ignore it. Delete it. DO NOT PASS IT ON.

Facebook scam message tries to trick people into thinking their account has been ‘cloned’ with fake friend requests.
A scary-sounding message about Facebook is spreading quickly across the world – and is completely false.

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Why Website Conversion Rates Are Important

You have a website for a reason – visitors on your product or service means that you may have more customers. But do you know what your conversion rate is? This article from our friends at Nelio takes you through what your website does for you and what conversion numbers on your site really mean:

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Why Use WordPress – 10 Good Reasons

Running a creative design agency can be sometimes difficult. Why? Because what web designers think is awesome and intriguing is for most folks not in the least interesting or intriguing. Web designers get excited over themes and fonts and new ways of creating layouts. We like things that work. We love to build and tinker. We spend hours getting the right look for the client.

What the client really wants to know is “Why Use WordPress?” and we found this post from our friends at Kinsta.com that describes 10 good reasons why you should choose using WordPress for your website framework over anything else:

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7 Simple Reasons Against Drop Shipping

If you are building a website to jump on the bandwagon because someone told you drop shipping is the way to make money - then it might be a good idea to look a little further. In this article via ShoeMoney, we bring you seven reasons to think again about drop...

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